Best Women’s Snowshoes: How To Buy A Great Pair

Best women’s snowshoes: what to look for in this essential winter hiking equipment? It all depends on where you’ll be snowshoeing, and how much you want to spend. These Hiking For Her tips will get you sorted out and ready to hit the snowy trail in comfort and safety. Go to Source Author:

I don’t use hiking poles …

… but if I did get some, I’d buy the comparatively expensive Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z. Click PLAY or watch a review on YouTube. That’s based on the best review of hiking poles I’ve ever seen: LIGHTWEIGHT TREKKING POLES: GEAR GUIDE At age-61 I still prefer to keep my hands free on the trail. But … Read more

Hiking a North Kearsarge Firetower Traverse in Snovember

Climbing the Weeks Brook Trail to the North Kearsarge Fire Tower Winter arrived over a month early this year and upset my autumn backpacking plans. While I still mourn the lost season, I’ve embraced the winter conditions and been out hiking and snowshoeing a good amount already. I’m a trip leader for the 6000+ member … Read more

Ankle Injury Prevention Tips For Hikers

Ankle injury prevention for hikers: supportive foot wear and trail smarts work together to keep hikers away from sprains and strains, but you can do even more to protect your ankles from hiking injuries with these Hiking For Her tips. Go to Source Author:

Patagonia donates Trump tax cut to ENVIRONMENTAL groups

Outdoor retailer Patagonia announced Wednesday that it plans to donate the $10 million it is saving from President Trump’s corporate tax cuts this year to environmental groups. “Based on last year’s irresponsible tax cut, Patagonia will owe less in taxes this year — $10 million less, in fact,” CEO Rose Marcario wrote in a LinkedIn … Read more

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