Quilt Sleeping Bags: Pros and Cons

Quilt sleeping bags and sleeping bag quilts, as they’re sometimes called, are best thought of as hoodless sleeping bags. They usually have full length zippers, so you can completely block external drafts from stealing away your body heat, you can open them partway and use them like a quilt, or all the way like a … Read more

Historic Public Lands Legislation About to Become Law

Historic Public Lands Legislation to Become Law Photographer’s Name Every so often Congress overcomes its partisan battles and joins together to enact critical legislation. Today is one of those days! Congress just passed a Public Lands Package (S.47) in nearly unanimous bipartisan fashion (92-8 in the Senate and 363-62 in the House of Representatives). The… … Read more

February Happy Trails

Hey, hey, hey! New newsletter for you! Find out why 10K is a magic number, meet an Over Forty Hiker community member and a woman who is still getting outdoors at the age of 103, and lots more news for your hiking enjoyment in the February 2019 edition of Happy Trails. Go to Source Author:

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