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WHAT happened to Nepal’s Royal Trek?

trip report by BestHike editor Rick McCharles The Royal Trek was named because Prince Charles and his 90 person entourage followed this route in 1981 shortly before he married Princess Diana. It was once a BIG DEAL. Mick Jagger did it too, for example. Some walked a loop to and from Pokhara. It was jungle. … Read more

El Capitan

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Seek Outside Peregrine 3500 Backpack Review

The Seek Outside Peregrine 3500 (57 L) is an external frame backpack with a breakaway load carrying system that is capable of hauling up to 100 pounds. Designed to meet the needs of backcountry explorers who want an off-trail backpack for day hikes or multi-day trips, the Peregrine 3500 is loaded with features that make … Read more

day hiking Peace Pagoda, Pokhara

One popular destination close to Pokhara, Nepal is Shanti Stupa, a Buddhist pagoda-style monument. There are great views of the Annapurna range on a clear day. Though you can taxi, cycle, or walk — best is crossing Fewa Lake by local boat. A long paddle, Josh helped out the boatman. From the bottom it’s a steep climb on stone stairs. Perhaps 45 minutes. … Read more

Gothic basin Wa

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