Register and win a Men’s Osprey Backpack!

Congratulations to Cwinn83, the winner of this great pack!

I ordered this backpack for a trip to Iceland that was, unfortunately, cancelled due to the current Pandemic.  When it arrived, I realized that I had ordered the wrong size.  So, some lucky person out there, in the Canada, or the United States, is going to win this brand new Osprey LEVITY 60 backpack.

NOTE: This is a man’s large pack!

The Osprey Levity 60 is the most comfortable and ventilated pack ever made for the lightest loads imaginable. It’s perfect for weeklong, or even month long trips. In fact, it’s probably not the right pack for you. It’s for people who pack lighter, go further, and think smarter. This pack isn’t on Instagram, because phones are too heavy, and views look better in your mind anyway. But if you are one of those maniacal gram-counters, look no further.


Gone are the days where carrying the lightest loads conceivable meant enduring the worst experience imaginable. The Levity/Lumina carry the right loads for the job with comfort never dreamt of until now.


By integrating complimentary high-performing fabrics we ensure this series’ scant weight is matched with incredible durability for adventures that last weeks, months or more.


Superultralight isn’t only for thruhikes, and everyone from driven youthful athletes to reminiscing boomers will appreciate what carrying less can do for their experience, no matter the duration.


Our NanoFly® fabric integrates ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) ripstop and Cordura Nylon, creating an incredibly light fabric with remarkable abrasion resistance.

Find out more about the pack by clicking here!

All right already!!!!! How do I win?


  • You must be a resident of Canada or the United States with a valid shipping address.
  • You must be a member of Hiking World (Membership is free)
  • The member that has accumulated the most points by midnight (EST) August 31st, is the winner.
  • In the case of a tie, we will notify the tied users of a contest to break the tie and declare a winner.

Pretty simple rules eh?

This pack is brand new and was purchased for $288.14 CDN including taxes.

Okay, so how to I get points?

There are many ways of getting points and just by the act of registering at The Trailhead, you have already gained 1 point.

Here is a list of ways to gather more points and you will also see you hiker stats image change the higher you get.  There is also a progress bar under your image that will show you your progress towards completing that level.

  • Points for registration
  • Points for Daily Visits
  • Points for publishing content on Hiking World
  • Points for commenting on posts already on Hiking World (Note: Spam or trash comments will result in points being taken away)
  • Points for referring members to Hiking World.  Referral link can be found under your hiker stats once logged in.
  • Points for Social Shares.  Share our content, using buttons at the top of the page, to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn
  • Points for Playing Pacman.  Look in The Trailhead for the Earning Points section.
  • Points for posting in The Trailhead
  • Points for messaging users
  • Points for comments on other users posts
  • Points for liking Trailhead posts or Profiles
  • Points for adding new friends
  • Points for adding photos in the Trailhead and on your stream
  • Points for adding a Profile cover and/or avatar
  • Points for leaving reviews of the products in our shop
  • Play the Hikers wheel twice a day and spin to win.

We will be adding more ways to win points the contest progresses, so keep an eye out in the Trailhead.

Good luck to everyone and Happy Trails!  

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