Trail Meals

Trail MealsI will be placing all the recipes, ingredients, and links to whatever I have either eaten or purchased within this section of the site.  To find the equipment I have used to prepare these meals, please look under the Equipment section of the site.

Each meal and recipe you will find here have been tested by myself and are delicious, nutritious, and light enough for the trail.

Some of the main things that people forget about when doing any decent sized hike are the following:

  • Weight
    The weight of each meal needs to be considered as you will be carrying this in your pack.
  • Ease of Cooking
    The ease in which you can cook these meals is extremely important as you do not want to have to carry anymore equipment than necessary in order to cook you meals.
  • Nutrition
    The nutritional value and calorie count of each meal is quite important as you do not want to pack a number of meals that do not have enough energy to sustain you throughout your hike.  Otherwise, you will go through your meals a lot faster than planned.
  • Packaging
    The packaging of the meals is often overlooked because people believe that simply putting the meals into a zip-lock bag is sufficient enough.  This may be the case if you are doing a two or three day hike, however, if you are doing anything longer than that, you will want to vacuum seal and freeze your meals right up to the day you leave on your trip.


As you can see, there are a number of things to consider when creating meals for the trail.  I will go through each and every step of the meals I have prepared and give you recommendations as to how you should prepare, cook, and package each meal.  This will grow as my experience in this are grows.  🙂

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