Equipment and Hiking Gear

Hiking Gear and Equipment

This section will contain all the hiking and camping gear I will be using as well as all the kitchen equipment I am using to prepare meals.  I will be writing a review on each item as I use the and will be providing links as to where you can either find the item or find more information about the item.  I hope this will help you in making decisions as to what to you use for your hikes.

Food Equipment Hiking Gear
Freeze Dryer Freeze Dryer - If you can afford a freeze dryer, you will be one seriously happy hiker! Freeze dryers are expensive but they are also invaluable if you can afford them.  They are what the astronauts use in order to make their meals and while the price of one of these units used to be beyond the financial capabilities of almost everyone, a… ... Read more
Nesco FD-1018A Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator Food Dehydrator - A food dehydrator is one of the most essential pieces of meal preparation equipment that you will buy. The reason I state this is because of two primary reasons: Moist food is heavier One of my first thoughts when I started hiking was how do I make my pack lighter.  I quickly realized that the heaviest part of the food… ... Read more
Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody - I bought this jacket for the Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal and could not have been happier.  In fact, I have been using it for many other things once I returned home as this is easily one of the best purchases I have ever made. They boast "A piece of high-tech magic from Patagonia." and I have to say that it… ... Read more
Snowshoeing in Algonquin Park Snowshoeing in Algonquin Park - I just finished a three day trip to Algonquin park and I cannot say enough about it.  It was absolutely fantastic!  The weather was awesome, the trails were great, and the company was absolutely fantastic. And, a definite big shout out to Bryan and Carol Foley for organizing this weekend.  Many thanks and you two rock! The snow was powder,… ... Read more
Extreme Cold Outdoors Gear Test Extreme Cold Outdoors Gear Test - Hi All, Today I decided I would test my gear to see how it stood up in extreme cold temperatures.  When I left for my hike, it was -20 C, or -4 F.  When I returned, it was -24 C, or -11.2 F.  With the windchill it was -28C when I left and -32C when I returned, which equates to… ... Read more
GoPro Hero 6 Black and Downhill Skiing GoPro Hero 6 Black and Downhill Skiing - The GoPro Hero 6 Black is my favorite camera for downhill skiing and any action based activities for that matter.  The reason I really like it for downhill skiing though is that it suits every need I have. How do I use the GoPro Hero 6 Black I use an app named Trace Snow that allows me to track all… ... Read more
Survival Frog Hand Warmer/USB Charger Survival Frog Hand Warmer/USB Charger and my Snow Shoes - Hey everyone, hope you are having an awesome day.  My day has been jam packed thus far and this evening promises to be just as fun.  For those of you sitting inside because it is too cold, you may want to rethink that as there are many things you can do to stay warm and enjoy the outdoors when it… ... Read more
Modern RV Kitchen Modern RV Kitchens Take Camping to a Luxurious New Level - Gone are the days when a camping kitchen consisted of a small pot on a Coleman propane stove. Today's modern RVs have kitchens equipped with many of the amenities you enjoy in your home. You don't have to "rough it" in the back country anymore. Almost any amenity that you might find in your kitchen at home is also available… ... Read more
FIS World Cup Ski Cross FIS World Cup 2019 Ski Cross at Blue Mountain Ontario - Well, the results are in and Canada has dominated again!  Brady Leman took 1st place for the men's and in the women's, Fanny Smith took first and Marielle Thompson is back after a year of recovery with style taking 2nd place. These athlete's are simply a treat to watch with there speed, agility, and ability to fly over the jumps… ... Read more
Canon EOS 6D Canon EOS 6D and the Outdoors - The Canon EOS 6D is my favorite! Why do I say it is my favorite camera?  Well, that will take a while to answer but to give it a quick answer, it is one of the most powerful yet easy to use camera's I have ever owned.  To say that Canon has it figured out is an understatement. The ease… ... Read more
Avventura Outdoors Icers for Back Country Hiking The Benefits of Icers and what are they? - Icers are perhaps one of the most overlooked, and unknown, pieces of equipment for hikers and just general winter time walking. Also known as snow traction cleats, they are a very simple concept, yet a totally awesome device that increases your safety when walking on ice.  The concept of icers is much the same as chains on tires.  They are… ... Read more