Bruce Trail

Dufferin 25k Great Hike in Dufferin 24.7k - Saturday September 12th, 2020 ... Read more
McCarston's Lake Mono Cliffs and McCarston’s Lake Loop - I decided to do an afternoon hike in Mono Cliffs today.  The snow was fresh and the temps were great.  I did not want to drive all the way down to mono centre area, so I decided to take an entry from the north of the Mono Tract forest, where 1st Line EHS comes to a dead end, south of… ... Read more
October 10th 2018 Nottawasaga Bluffs October 10th 2018 Nottawasaga Bluffs - Great hike at the Nottawasaga Bluffs today.  I have included photos from the Freedom Rock, The Tomb, The Lookout and few from the trail.  As an added bonus, I stopped on the way home for couple of windmill shots. ... Read more
September 20 2016 Bruce Trail Hiking September 20, 2016 – Nice Lunch Hour Hike - Quick little lunch hour hike to check out the section of trail I captain.  Found some new fungus growths and berries.  Grabbed a few shots as fall is starting.  Great time to hike in the fall.  Temps are awesome at this time of the year.  🙂 ... Read more
Bruce Trail Hike – Day 6 - Took a half day off and relaxed in Eugenia. Needed it due to blisters. Unfortunately, a rather large one tore open this morning and the pace is now slow and difficult. I will take my time and saunter along until I think I cannot go any longer though. 🙂 Beautiful day yesterday and very humid this morning. My goal is… ... Read more
Bruce Trail Hike – Day 5 - Well, day 5 on the trail was fabulous. Beautiful day, awesome people, and great scenery. There were only two pitfalls to yesterday. I ran out of water and the coyote's were extremely noisy last night. Many thanks to the couple I met on the top of old baldy and to Mike McCormack who I met way past old baldy. They… ... Read more
Day 3 – Bruce Trail Hike - Well, the lessons keep coming folks.  I still managed a bit of distance on day 3 but decided to take a break for a day and a bit.  Why?  Well, here are the lessons I learned and the reasons. Lesson 1 - Pack light and only what you need.  The exertion of carrying a 65 pound pack took a real… ... Read more
Day 2 – Bruce Trail Hike - My second day on the Bruce was extremely hot and humid.  I still managed a good distance but quickly realized that I needed to unload some weight as my pack was far too heavy. Lesson 1 - Take only what you need. Chances are you quickly realize you do not need a lot of the stuff you first thought you… ... Read more
Day 1 – Bruce Trail hike - Spent my first night on the trail and of course it rained. Lol. Actually, I like the rain.  My knee is acting up a bit so I figure this trek may be slower to start. No worries though. 🙂 Here is where I spent my first night And, what a gorgeous morning it was I am currently sitting at the… ... Read more
Bruce Trail Sign Three Week Bruce Trail Hike - I will be starting a 3 week hike of the Bruce Trail on Friday August 19th.  This hike will start at the Beaver Valley section and I will be thru hiking to Tobermory.  This will take me through the Beaver Valley, Syndenham, and Bruce Peninsula sections.  Hopefully, I will arrive in Tobermory with a couple of days to spare.  If… ... Read more