Day 2 – Bruce Trail Hike

My second day on the Bruce was extremely hot and humid.  I still managed a good distance but quickly realized that I needed to unload some weight as my pack was far too heavy.

Lesson 1 – Take only what you need. Chances are you quickly realize you do not need a lot of the stuff you first thought you would.  LOL Thankfully, my mom and Gary offered to let me unload some food and unnecessary items.  They also offered to do a food drop or two for me.  Huge thanks to them.  🙂

While I carried a 65 pound pack for the first day and most of the second day, I still managed to see some nice sights and learn some history of the area I was hiking through. Check out the Old Mail Road photo. Here are a few photos.

Bees! Bees!  They are bombing!!!!!

DSC_0084 DSC_0085

The Old Mail Road


Breakfast View Anyone?


Gotta love some of the rock formations


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Bruce Trail Hike”

  1. Very cool Tom and, glad Linda and Gary were there to help out. I’m sure it’s hard to gauge what should be included initially but, sounds like you’re on track
    Photos are beautiful and love the info on the mail route. Boy, times have changed! Or, maybe just the routes ?
    Thanks for sharing your experience and looking forward to the next instalment. Love ya cuz; stay safe ❤️


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