September 20, 2016 – Nice Lunch Hour Hike

September 20 2016 Bruce Trail Hiking

Quick little lunch hour hike to check out the section of trail I captain.  Found some new fungus growths and berries.  Grabbed a few shots as fall is starting.  Great time to hike in the fall.  Temps are awesome at this time of the year.  🙂

Bruce Trail Hike – Day 6

Took a half day off and relaxed in Eugenia. Needed it due to blisters. Unfortunately, a rather large one tore open this morning and the pace is now slow and difficult. I will take my time and saunter along until I think I cannot go any longer though. 🙂 Beautiful day yesterday and very humid … Read more

Bruce Trail Hike – Day 5

Well, day 5 on the trail was fabulous. Beautiful day, awesome people, and great scenery. There were only two pitfalls to yesterday. I ran out of water and the coyote’s were extremely noisy last night. Many thanks to the couple I met on the top of old baldy and to Mike McCormack who I met … Read more

Day 3 – Bruce Trail Hike

Well, the lessons keep coming folks.  I still managed a bit of distance on day 3 but decided to take a break for a day and a bit.  Why?  Well, here are the lessons I learned and the reasons. Lesson 1 – Pack light and only what you need.  The exertion of carrying a 65 … Read more

Day 2 – Bruce Trail Hike

My second day on the Bruce was extremely hot and humid.  I still managed a good distance but quickly realized that I needed to unload some weight as my pack was far too heavy. Lesson 1 – Take only what you need. Chances are you quickly realize you do not need a lot of the … Read more

Day 1 – Bruce Trail hike

Spent my first night on the trail and of course it rained. Lol. Actually, I like the rain.  My knee is acting up a bit so I figure this trek may be slower to start. No worries though. 🙂 Here is where I spent my first night And, what a gorgeous morning it was I … Read more

Three Week Bruce Trail Hike

Bruce Trail Sign

I will be starting a 3 week hike of the Bruce Trail on Friday August 19th.  This hike will start at the Beaver Valley section and I will be thru hiking to Tobermory.  This will take me through the Beaver Valley, Syndenham, and Bruce Peninsula sections.  Hopefully, I will arrive in Tobermory with a couple … Read more

July 7 2016 – Nice after work hike

Hiked from where I left off on the 2nd to the parking for the Nottawasaga lookout and back again. Approximately 10.5 km with an average pace of 12.5 minute per km. Feel great after this hike. Obviously the ankle twist on the weekend was not that big of a deal. 🙂

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