Bruce Trail Hike – Day 5

Well, day 5 on the trail was fabulous. Beautiful day, awesome people, and great scenery. There were only two pitfalls to yesterday. I ran out of water and the coyote’s were extremely noisy last night. Many thanks to the couple I met on the top of old baldy and to Mike McCormack who I met way past old baldy. They both supplied me with water as water was scarce indeed out here.

I also had the pleasure of meeting up with a Mennonite family who were watering their horses. Very nice people. 🙂

The major highlights for the day were Metcalf rock and old baldy. These are both musts to s see.

Wildlife is sparse up here. I did hear a bear in the distance, nothing to worry about, and those pesky coyote’s were yelping all around my camp last night. Needless to say, I am tired and slow this morning but will be in Eugenia soon for a nice swim. 🙂


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