Conquering the Peaks- Touring, Trekking in North India

The topography and the geographical features of India mark it as one of the daunting adventurous expedition sites in the world. The Himalayan peaks attract adventure seekers from all over the world .

In the North, lying in the core of the Himalayas is the incredible mind-blogging state of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is splendour of North India. It is a beautiful tranquil place with rich mountainscapes, lush valleys, and fabulous heritages all around. It can change one’s scenario of life.

This stupendous scenery promises a time of both adventure and leisure to anyone who plans to visit these mountains. There are Cheap North India Tour Packages. There are various tour packages to suit your budget. It will help you see much more easily. Trekking in the mountains proves to be a memorable experience and has much to offer.

Kinnaur Spiti Tour Package

Spiti Valley Tour

According to mythological beliefs, the gods live at the Kinner Kailash, which is the ‘Land of Gods’. It holds religious sentiments for the Hindus and Buddhists. Himachal Pradesh is blessed with the breathtaking beauty and the cultural heritage of the Spiti Valley. You can visit the Spiti Valley via Kinnaur on a 412 km long and adventurous road trip.

Here on a rock slab is a 79 ft Shivalinga which changes its colour every second. It is tough but rewarding to see the colourful, breathtaking revelations of nature. Topographically lying between India and Tibet, mountains and narrow rivers surround Spiti meaning ‘Middle land’. At a high level, it is a research and cultural centre for Buddhists. Enjoy every moment with breath-taking knowledge with Kinnaur Spiti Tour Package guides. You can scale great heights and explore nature at the same time.

Trekking in India

Trekking In IndiaTrekking is a fun-filled, thrilling activity that challenges both mental and physical aspects of an adventurous fanatic.

If you have the endurance to explore new territories, learn and understand the ecology of life around then, then you have the drive of a trekker. Trekking in India is glorious.

Every trek reveals a world of its own. You get to learn the culture, tradition, the adaption of the people around. Driving through the astounding landscapes, listening to the whistling winds which may have been in novels and fairy tales, and never thought of you can now relive it in real life.

You need to have the urge to discover. The Himalayan treks offer a pleasant experience in the summers and an escape from the chaos of city life.

Markha Valley Trek Ladakh

Trekking in Markha ValleyOne of the highest and coldest places on earth with not much rainfall, habitation, self-contained houses with their vegetable gardens and lush green fields prove the way the richness and flourishing culture of the Ladakhis have accustomed themselves.

You will come across villages with lush green fields and massive organic vegetable gardens outside houses. You will also be able to view the way they smartly use this limited water resources.

You will want to stay back, enchanted by the monasteries, the rich and pure culture of Buddhism, and the fragrance of burning incense in the air emerging from the houses. Be a part of the Markha Valley TrekLadakh and a valuable witness. This trek route is one of the most popular treking routes in Ladakh. The beautiful Markha Valley extends through incredible rock formations and snowy mountains, as you travel along the route.

The eco-friendly homes will enchant you, and so with lifestyle of the existing indigenous communities who believe in saving the environment by working together, and ensuring minimum waste.

In all, Himalayan tours and treks offer a rich experience of a lifetime to the visitors. Incredible sightseeing and challenging trails further intensify the beauty of the mountains.
No matter where you come from, the lofty Himalayas promise you a complete dose of serenity and rejuvenation. You get the much sought after peace in the lap of Mother Nature.

If you experience the Go-Getter Spirit!! Come and experience it yourself.

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